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Welcome to the newly redesigned! We hope you like the looks of this new site and find it easier to use.  Information is continually being added/updated, so make sure to check back later.  Cheers!

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  1. Very spiffy! I’ve enjoyed many years of window shopping and occasionally dropping by to visit (electronically) as an ‘elder’ customer from pre-NM times. As for your website make-over, I enjoyed the accessibility and ‘fluidity’ of the ‘Horns’ pages (pardon my drool). I was alerted to the changes via Facebook – it might be helpful to add ‘like me’ or other social media linkage to the framework of the website to encourage ‘liking’ and therefore increase awareness.

    As you make website upgrades and enhancements, please consider adding pop-ups (or some such addition) to provide additional info/details to the various horn options. An example might be a small photo showing what a ‘flipper’ looks like (either by itself or added to a horn)—could be accessed via addition ‘click’ or even ‘mouse-over’.

    Looking forward to more! [continuous improvement, just like your horns 🙂 ]

    1. You no longer have a page about mods on your new site…

      1. Over the last couple of years, we’ve pretty much developed into a horn manufacturing company. (We will build 40 horns this year). We still do mods, but not as many as we used to. If you have any specific questions about our mods, please let us know. The new webpage is still a work in progress and there is a lot of information we want to add including information about our horn modifications.

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