Salvage Parts

Patterson Hornworks has upgraded a lot of horns over the years. As a result we’ve accumulated quite a few Leadpipes, First Branches and a few Bells. Some were used for research and some are salvage parts. A few have been upgraded to OEM specs. We play tested all the Elkhart models and graded accordingly. We’re never going to use all of these parts so we are offering them for restoration purposes.

If you are interested in any of these parts, please send email to:

Leadpipe Models Offered:

Conn 8D and 28D (Elkhart) Some Very good pipes here! Some are virgin and never installed on a horn. Priced $150-$800

Conn 8D (other, UMI, Eastlake) $200 each. Good solid replacement parts.

Hoyer (6800/7800 in Nickel Silver and Brass, G10 in Gold Brass) All factory stock. $250 each. It’s difficult to get these parts from Germany so we are offering them below the cost of a new one.

Holton (H179) $150

Yamaha (667, 667V, 668, 668 II, 861, 862, 867, 868) Excellent for replacement parts. $200-$400

Many Custom Patterson leadpipes. Several models to fit Conn 8D, Hoyer 6800/7800, Holton H179, Yamaha etc. Possible hidden gems?

Sample of Elkhart Leadpipes. Tested, rated and valued accordingly. Priced from $150-$800.

First branches, Bells will be added as time allows. Inquiries welcome.