The Hornette is coming along nicely. The Mellophone version is just about done. We’re starting to make multiple prototypes for field testing.

Here is a demonstration of the updated sound of our mellophone/Hornette.

Recorded and arranged by John Dickson, https://johndicksonmusic.com

This is a work in progress. Updates will be added as progress is made.

(9/7/21) Bells from Germany arrive today

9/1/21 Assembly fixture built for Mellophone

9/1/2020-9/1/2021 Various leadpipes, first branches, valve sets, bells were been tested and developed. Various bracing patterns were tested as well.

Mellophone Project History:

A while back we came up with a modification to the standard marching mellophone which completely revolutionized the instrument. A french horn type leadpipe was added to the existing mellophone so the player could use his standard french horn mouthpiece. The end of the LP was angled to approximate the angle of a french horn leadpipe. Horn players are very comfortable with this set up since it feels more like their french horns. This ended up being a very popular modification and we have added this upgrade to hundreds of mellophones.

An unexpected but huge improvement was with the sound and how this new sound incorporates into the marching band. The mellophone section gains more presence and therefore is able to broaden the overall sound of the band in a very good way. The leadpipe addition creates a more horn like sound with a unique timbre. Since there are no other instruments of the same timbre, you actually get more presence and sound from the mellophone section. You just hear them better. This was mind blowing! Plus everything about the mellophone relates to a horn player in a more natural way.

This modification was so successful I knew we were onto something big, but I also knew there were more improvements that could be done. I can’t say much at this time, but Patterson Hornworks is now designing a new mellophone from the ground up. I’ll let you know more details as soon as I can.

In the meantime, several prototypes have been built and they are literally stunning!

Development of the Hornette

At the request of John Clark, we are jointly building a bell front horn for use in jazz and popular music.

There is great potential in this new instrument, and in my opinion, horn players need this instrument!!

It can be much like the Flugelhorn is to trumpet players. It can give us a “double” to use in horns ensembles which will extend the timbre, and style possibilities. Currently there is no such instrument and this new horn is a total joy to play. Finally there will be a horn suitable to play jazz on!

Of course the instrument must play well. I think we’ve got that covered. Every player must simply try this horn.

Here’s the prototype in mellophone form for now. Looks unassuming but in the coming weeks something special will emerge. Stay tuned for more details.