Bell flares


It is common knowledge that the flare’s size and shape will create different sounds. Depending on a player’s natural sound tendencies, the perfect flare can help fine tune the exact desired sound.

The following list characterizes the typical sounds of our flares. These are generalizations so if you have a specific goal in mind, please take a minute and contact us. We will be happy to help you find the right flare.

M Flare – Medium throat. Very responsive. Resonant, rich sound but somewhat more compact than larger flares.

ML Flare – Medium-Large throat. Responsive. Resonant, broader sound.

ML 2 Flare – Somewhat of a cross between the M and L Flares. Beautiful deep sound but with a lot of direct projection when you want it.

L Flare – Our proprietary bell originally developed for our Kruspe Model Horns. Broad “Hollywood” sound but more compact (less spread) than most L flares. Very responsive for a Large flare and more direct sounding.

Spun vs. Hand Hammered – Spun flares are lighter and therefore possess more higher overtones. HH flares have a classic warm sound and perhaps a few more tonal colors are possible.

We are constantly trying new flares so there may be additional flares available in stock or can be ordered. Again, call us and we can discuss even more possibilities.


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Nickel silver, Yellow brass

Flare type

Hand-hammered, Spun

Flare size

Medium-large 2, Medium, Medium-large, Large


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