Custom-bent Leadpipes


These are our famous leadpipes which we have made since 1995. All models are well tested and used by professional players in numerous orchestras and on our custom horns.

All of our leadpipes are made from sheet metal which is rolled and seamed, hand hammered then drawn. This is the “old school” method used by Geyer, Kruspe, Schmidt, etc. These leadpipes have a great sound and are almost always an improvement over the stock/factory made leadpipes.

We have several models for Kruspe, Geyer/Knopf, and Descant/Triple models. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to describe the different models and help you find the right one for your horn.

All leadpipes are bent-to-order and can be made using the following parameters:

  1. We offer stock generic bend shapes for Conn 8D (Elkhart or Eastlake), Hoyer 6800, G10, and Yamaha 667.
  2. We can copy your leadpipe exactly, and mount it as well as place the small braces to more acoustically favorable places. Of course, you will need to send us the horn, or bring it by our shop. (Mounting charge is $110, no extra to move the braces.)
  3. We can also copy the bend radius exactly if you have your LP removed and sent to us. This also applies to any custom bend.
  4. All leadpipes are custom made to order and can usually be finished within 2-3 weeks.

Any questions?  Please contact us.


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Bend Radius

8D Elkhart, 8D Eastlake, Hoyer 6800, Hoyer G10, Yamaha 667, Other/Custom


Nickel silver (+$100), Yellow brass


No, Yes (+$50)


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