Mouthpieces & Rims

Our Mouthpieces are truly outstanding! They remain highly regarded for their playability and sound.

We’re excited to announce that we have 3 new models of mouthpiece cups. They are based on our new 12 bore cup which was born from a combined effort with l’Olifant, Paris. We could not be happier with the result! It is a (mostly) funnel shaped cup with improvements in the base of the cup and bore which create a mouthpiece with great feel and sound. They are available in A, B and C cup widths.

Our Patterson standard cup is similar to the “old” Giardinelli (c. 1970) but it has slightly straighter sides giving a more focused sound but still retains tonal depth and warmth.

The DeRosa cups and rims are the only authorized copies of Vince’s own mouthpiece. There are other copies available elsewhere, but ours are the real deal.