Patterson-l’Olifant Rim


Our collaboration with l’Olifant, Paris has resulted in exceptional quality rims, similar to our famous DeRosa rims. They are currently available in multiple sizes for l’Olifant “A” and “B” series cups. This is a new product so contact us for availability of additional sizes.

Sizing is based on inside contour (traditional measurement) width.

    • A model (for use with 12A cup) available in 3 widths:
        • 17.5mm
        • 17.75mm
        • 18mm
    • B model (for use with 12B cup) available in 1 width:
        • 17.5mm

More sizes coming soon. These rims are available in silver plated brass.

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A, B, C


17.5mm ID, 17.75mm ID, 18mm ID


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