Patterson Triple

Eb Triple now available, in addition to our original high-f model!

Possibly the best Triple Horn available. Our design has few compromises as all 3 sides have proper tapered sections insuring excellent playability. This Triple Horn is a dramatic improvement over previous triple horn designs and deserves the consideration of any player in the market for such an instrument.

“the best evolution of the Triple Horn to date… I’ve enjoyed playing it and feeling “normal” in a way I haven’t felt for 18-19 years!” Erik Ralske, NY Met

Our Triple Horn plays independently well in F, Bb and F-alto. All three sides of the instrument play exceptionally smooth and with a great sound. The tone match between the 3 horns is excellent. The response and play-ability in both the low and high registers is superb.

“I’ve been playing triples for most of my career in the US and abroad. They’ve solved many issues, but always with some compromise. With Patterson, there finally is a triple horn that gives the player everything without sacrifice”. Orlando Pandolfi, Freelancer, New England Area


  • F/Bb/f alto (Eb Triple is also available, inquire for details)
  • Bore .468 (11.9mm)
  • 4 Hollow valves (1, 2, 3, F/Bb change valve)
  • String linkages with articulated arm, mechanical thumb levers
  • Switchable to stand in F, Bb, or high f/high Eb
  • Highly adjustable thumb levers to fit any hand size (7-way adjustable high f lever, 4-way adjustable F/Bb lever)
  • Detachable Bell
  • 2 Distinct Models: Medium-Large and Large
  • 4 Bell Flares Sizes available: Medium, Medium-Large, Large, X Large
  • F/Bb Leadpipe is the same length as a double horn – so it plays like a double horn!
  • Individual tuning slides for F, Bb, and f alto (no tuning bit!)
  • Yellow Brass Body: Nickel Silver slide tubes, standard configuration – Brass slide tubes and trim, optional configuration
  • All Nickel Silver Construction available on Large model only
  • All tapered sections are seamed and hand hammered
  • Upgraded precision LP (“P” model) standard
  • Weight 2.942 kg, 6.48 lbs

All of our custom horns are built to order.

Please contact us for pricing and ordering information.




Featured Artists:

Gabe Kovach – Phoenix Symphony, principal

Erik Ralske – NY Met Opera, principal

Julie Landsman – NY Metropolitan Opera (retired); Horn Professor – Juilliard School, Music Academy of the West. Guest Artist/Clinician

Javier Gandara – NY Met Opera

Thomas Jöstlein – Assoc Principal, St Louis Symphony

Michael SlatkinIsrael Philharmonic, Assoc Principal

Geoff Pilkington – Washington National Opera, principal

Robert Johnson – Houston Symphony, assoc. Principal

Mark Robbins – Seattle Symphony, assoc Principal

Evan Geiger – U.S. Army Perishing’s Own; Pittsburgh Opera, principal

Jamie Hersch – Singapore Symphony, associate principal

Thomas Jostlein – St. Louis Symphony, associate principal

Chad Yarbrough – NY Freelance

Robert Cherry – U.S. Army Field Band, principal

Selena Matum – U.S. Army Field Band

J. G. Miller – U.S. Army Field Band

Bill Bernatis – Univ. Nevada Las Vegas, horn professor

Larry Lowe – Brigham Young Univ., horn professor

Steve Gross – Univ. California Santa Barbara, horn professor

Orlando Pandolfi – New England Area, Freelancer

Jonathan Mayhew Anderson – U.S Air Force Band



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